We all survived the end of the world on December 21, 2012… so I figured it was time to start blogging again!  I guess I can start with a recap of last year.

January 2012- I returned to America  because my boyfriend had to serve 9 months of mandatory time in the Greek Military.

February 2012- I started working at the front desk of a Holiday Inn Express near my mom’s house to help out a friend who needed an expert customer service representative.  It was really fun and I enjoyed interacting with the guests.

March 2012- I did SkypEnglish4U in the morning and worked at the hotel at night… Keeping busy was my main objective.

April 2012- After working so hard for a few months, I decided to travel to Thailand to join some friends of mine that were traveling there.  We spent some quality time on the beach (and pool side) on the island of Koh Tao.  I also got to catch-up with my Bangkok friends and it was really great to spend time in BKK– it’s an amazing city!

May 2012- On my way home from Thailand, I stopped in Tokyo for a few days.  I had the best tour guide EVER and we saw everything in the short time that I was there.  She made sure that I was able to try all of the “foreign friendly” foods, which has now spoiled me for life!  Once you have sushi in Japan, it is hard to enjoy the “other” stuff.

June 2012- I started working a 3rd job doing some administrative/data entry work for Intrax.  I was very busy with my three jobs and at the same time busy packing up, because my mom had sold her house.

July 2012- I traveled to Greece to join my boyfriend while he had some time off from the army.  We visited two islands — Paros and Santorini, stuffed ourselves with awesome Greek food and soaked up as much sun as possible.

August 2012-  Because my mother had moved to New Mexico, I moved in with my father in southern Wisconsin.  I attended a few baby showers and a wedding shower and continued on with SkypEnglish4U (I really love how portable my job is!).

September 2012- Toward the end of the month I drove with a friend of mine to New Mexico.  I found a lovely new office for SkypEnglish4U (totally took over my mother’s office) and also found some time to lay by her swimming pool.

October 2012- WORKED.  A LOT.  This was a great month for me because I was so busy.  I would like to thank the country of Brazil for that!

November 2012- My mother and I drove to San Diego to visit some family (and shop) near the beginning of the month.  Later on, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a visit from Grandma and thoroughly enjoyed the feast.

December 2012- On Dec 3, my boyfriend flew from Athens, and I from New Mexico, and we met in Chicago.  The next day we flew to Jamaica to celebrate the wedding of my step-sister.  After that trip, we spent some time in Wisconsin and got to enjoy a white Christmas.  After that, it was back to Greece to celebrate the New Year!


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