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Business English sessions on Skype can help you

  • Feel more confident

    Confidence is key in any business setting.  Go into your meetings feeling comfortable and confident that you can communicate effectively and get your point across.

  • Communicate effectively at social business events

    Learning how to keep the conversation flowing at social business events is critical to building valuable long-term business relationships.  I can help prepare you so your dialogue does not dry up.

  • Get involved in meetings

    If you’re unsure about your English, you might not get as involved as you should in meetings which can hurt your progress in a company.  Don’t let English insecurities prevent you from participating in meetings to your full potential. 

  • Break the ice

    The idea of walking into a room of colleagues or clients and having to start a conversations can be frightening for anyone! If you aren’t confident in your language skills, it can be a nightmare.  Chatting with me about various topics will help you to feel better about these situations in the ‘real world’.   

Business Session Structure

Speaking in business settings carries with it a unique set of vocabulary and jargon that might not be familiar to non-native English speakers.

My 1:1 English sessions can focus on YOUR profession and what YOU need to work on. I’ve helped people in every professional sphere to get comfortable with their English level- lawyers, programmers, doctors, teachers, analysts… the list goes on and on! 

Interview preparation also is a very common request from students that I am happy to help with.  Again, I’ve worked with many different people in many different fields to prepare for a job interview in English.

Common Business English themes:

  • Daily tasks and responsibilities
  • Role playing with common situations
  • Presentation practice
  • Proof-reading of business documents
  • “What would you do” scenarios
  • Discussion of famous companies and strategy
  • Interview Preparation

FAQ about my business english lessons

I work in an industry you may know nothing about, how can you help me?

I have worked with people in any industry you can name and effectively helped them to speak to me about their job and improve areas of their English they were looking to improve.  It’s a great exercise for YOU to be able to tell ME everything about your responsibilities and industry as a whole.

Can I do some Business English sessions and some General Conversation?

Yes, I actually encourage that.  Business English is very useful for the work place, but general English is the foundation, so we need to make sure that is strong in order to truly be effective when speaking English at work.

Can I decide the topics that we will discuss?

Absolutely!  I pride myself on each session being different depending on each student’s needs and desires.  If you have very specific things that you need to improve,  let me know and we will focus on that!

What accent do you have?

I have an American accent, but not one of those squeaky annoying ones. I’d categorise it as . If you want to hear my accent watch my introduction youtube video!

When will I start seeing results?

I get asked this question all the time. Some of my students get an instant confidence boost after the first lesson which can make a very big difference in their ability to speak English in public. Others though, need more time. At the end of the day, it depends 100% on you. If you put the effort to practice reading, writing, and speaking even when we’re not on the call, you’ll get better results. Practice makes perfect.

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