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Everyday I get at least 2 messages inquiring about my services.  98% of those are people who want to speak with me for free.  In a perfect world, with no rent to pay or no need to buy food or clothing, I would be more than happy to talk to people all day for no charge.  As we all know- this is not the case.  This is my profession and how I make a living.

I understand that some people do not have enough money to pay for private English sessions so I have offered many opportunities for people to “earn” free lessons by showing their dedication to improving their English.  This link has been shared hundreds (probably over 1,000) times and then I never hear from the people again.

This is frustrating for me because I am offering my services for free, which I do not have to do at all, and yet… nobody takes me up on this offer.  I wonder why this is… Do people not have the time to click on the links I share on facebook and read them or try the activities that I share?  If so, they probably do not have enough time in their busy schedule to dedicate toward improving their English.

I believe in working for what you want and showing dedication.  If you want me to give up my spare time to help you to achieve your language goals (for free), then you have to prove to me that you are serious about it.

I share links on facebook and twitter to help as many people as possible.  Please take advantage of this!

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