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Online English Lessons

Each and every student has a different learning style and a different reason for learning English.  Whether it is English for work, English for exam preparation or you just want to keep the level of English that you have already worked so hard to achieve, sessions on Skype will be a great way for you to practice.

Conversational English

English sessions on Skype are an excellent way to improve your speaking because the focus is on YOU actually speaking.  For many language learners, speaking is usually the last piece of the puzzle.  They can read, understand what they hear and write fine, but they don’t feel confident with their speaking ability.

Business English

English is the international language in the business world. With Business English lessons, you can increase your confidence speaking English in a business setting with your colleagues. Many of my students also use my services to prepare for job interviews.

Exam Preperation

I specialize in TOEFL and IELTS English exam preparation and can help you efficiently prepare for your exam so you are ready to take it with confidence. I  focus on the written and verbal sections.  Taking your exam with the proper preparation will increase your chances of passing.

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