Lena, Russia

The most exciting session I’ve ever had.

After school I have intermediate level of English then I went to university where first 3 years I had English and after this almost 5 years I didn’t have English at all. I didn’t even read the english articles, didn’t see english films and finally I didn’t speak on English all this time. It was a huge pause which threw back me a few years ago in learning english…But luckily I found a job where I have to use English. But now how can I return my previous level of English after such a long pause? Of course I hired native english speaker who taught me English for $ 100 for 1 hour 30 min. Can you imagine that? My pockets were empty after 3 months and I immediately started looking for something else. And I found Jessica in itaki, she had the highest rating, positive feedback and she was so nice in the photo:) and I had no doubt I realised that it was mine. I was delighted with 30 minutes talking with her and decided to have lessons every day. After several month I felt the result, I become a more confident English speaker. Our sessions on Skype are amazing and awesome! We do a lot of stuff, she is tailored to my needs, I like economic, bank themes, and we discuss the top news in financial sector. Or we can discuss some general topics about entertaiment, sport, food and so on. Now my business English is close to perfect. Jessica always asks a lot of questions and you never stop talking, this is the main thing I guess. You begin to talk and from lesson to lesson you feel how easy to talk. Moreover we become friends, I like her so much, she also helps my friends to improve their english. Finally she is AWESOME!

Lena, Russia
Lisa, Germany

I met Jessica to improve my English and now two days in the week I have lessons with her. It is amazing in which short time the progresses are achieved. In the first lessons I was not so good in speaking English, to go into an advanced course in our school, but now I think I am ready for this course. That’s why I can recommend Jessica s lessons for everyone. It is very nice to talk to her, because she really knows whats interesting for a student. She makes lessons with new and modern stuff and not like the teachers in school. So the lessons are always funny and you are happy to have the lessons every time.

She often works with the dabbleboard on which you can learn to speak with her or to describe any pictures and compare them or anything else.
In my opinion, Jessica s lessons are better then the lessons in school
So if you want to improve your English, go to Jessica and notice on your own what an excellent teacher she is.

Lisa, Germany
Alberto, Spain

SkypEnglish4U is the best way to improve your English. Jessica lessons are fun and her broad experience as a teacher will allow you to improve your grammar, your speaking and understanding skills and of course also improve your vocabulary. Jessica uses many tools to make lessons more enjoyable, I especially like the use of interactive whiteboards on-line which she uses to upload photos, text and images on which both she and their students can interact underlining, painting or writing questions or comments that arise during lessons.

Jessica is definitely a great teacher and the months that I’ve spent learning with her my speaking skills, my vocabulary and my grammar have improved a lot. I recommend everyone to try SkypEnglish4U lessons … you will not regret!

Alberto, Spain
Ray, China.

Language learning is more about the sense of ‘feeling’. Talking to Jessica grants you this sort of feeling. With her outgoing personality and innovative methodology, she ignited my creativity every time and reinforced my comprehension of the entire English context. I feel the language flowing out of my mouth rhythmically like a river. It felt good when I was aware of the rapid progress of my English by talking to a teacher in a relaxed, joyful and inspiring environment. And Jessica was simply the benchmark to which all other language tutors should aspire.

Ray, China.
 When I started learning English it was so hard for me to begin a conversation.
 I read books, I listened to podcasts, watched movies, but speaking in English to real people was challenging. The lack of confidence was really an issue.
The solution as always turned to be simple – force myself to speak a lot to somebody who was interesting to talk to and who could also correct me if I was saying something wrong.
If you are like I was, Jessica is your magic pill.
Talking to her is fun and easy. And she is always there to answer all your questions.

And the most important thing is that you’ll gain what you need – the confidence of speaking English.

Pavel, Russia

Dear all this place skypenglish4u, is the right place to improve & develop your English language skills, Whatever your goals are in English this is the place to accomplish them! Speaking fluent English , eliminating grammatical errors, or writing excellent academic reports this is the place!Teacher Jessica is on of her kind, as a start she’s a native English speaker. On the academic level she possesses high skills and methods of teaching English & on the Humanitarian level she has a heart of gold, I mean she’s really really kind. One of the biggest advantages Jessica has over other teachers , is that on the first meeting she will try to measure ,scale your English level and then set all the required steps & procedures required to boost it up. In skypenglish4u you can determine the most suitable time for your lesson to start,and also choose the best place to take it in EX: Skype,MSN ets… On a personal level my English skills have improved alot ,I’m speaking now fluently with no hesitation and with minimal grammatical mistakes , all this came from god and after that from the hard work Jessica has put in the lessons. Again brothers& sisters I urge all of you to give it a try and I’m 100% sure that the results will surprise you.

Sultan, Saudi Arabia
I think that speaking is the most important part of English.
It doesn’t mean that you can speak well if you have very good at grammer.Speaking is complately different and needed practise to be better.And I could say that Jessica provided me to practise on speaking English in order to speak more fluently.it is very beneficial to Practise about many subjects such as Countries,cultures,sities,business life,etc.but the most interesting one is of cource “Weird events that cannot be explained in nature”
I’d like to say thanks to her for providing me an opportunity to practise.
Onur, Turkey

I met Jessica in December, 2010. I’ve been studing with her with different density about 2 times a week. So, what has changed for me since our first session? I just realized that now it’s really difficult for me to find a person in the internet for practicing English that would be appropriate to my level. What else do I want? More fluency, more difficulty, more expirience in English! Let’s proceed studing with Jessica! What can I say for sure about her?… she is always prepared for the lesson, she can make lessons very interesting, fun and usefull simultaneously. Every lesson with Jessica is a charge of energy for me. Thank you Jessica for your time and for your lessons!

Dmitry, Russia
I had never tried to study English on-line via Skype until I had my first lesson with Jessica. That time I had some doubts about my ability to study English in English. Nevertheless, the first lesson with Jessica went friendly and smoothly. She identified my language level very fast and made me feel comfortable during all following lessons.
I had lessons 5 days a week which is quite hard but those lessons were very interesting and helpful. I became more confident in my speaking as well as improved my basic English level.

During my studying with Jessica and later I had other teachers but I am definitely sure that Jessica is the best!

Viktor, Russia

I am a full-time foreign student in Australia. I got to know Jessica from SkypEnglish4U last year. She is the one of the most professional and well-qualified teacher I have ever met. There is a lot of enjoyment in her classes. We have discussed many interesting topics and I would say that my English has been improving a lot. Moreover, she is so creative to use on-line interactive whiteboard for her teaching. The on-line whiteboard allows users to upload text, photos, or paintings. By adapting on this tool, the sessions are productive and vivid. I so appreciate the method she uses in classes. Jessica is an excellent teacher with board experience and wonderful personality. During the last few months, I have learnt plenty of grammar rules, useful English slangs, and speaking skills. Her class is not only suitable for foreign students but also for working people who are eager to improve their English skills. I truly recommend everyone to try SkypEnglish4U.

Zhang, China

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