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Benefits of Online Preparation for English Exams

  • Actually practice what you will need for the exam

    Many students purchase books and use the endless resources on the internet to help them prepare for their exams.  That is great, and I definitely recommend reading anything you can about the exam, but that method doesn’t include speaking practice.  You can read all about the speaking section, possible question topics and example answers, but that is all passive learning.  

    If you really want to be ready for the speaking portion of the exam, you need to actually practice speaking.  Speaking by yourself in the mirror is a great way to get comfortable for the speaking section, but the mirror doesn’t make corrections and give you feedback.  

  • Speaking and Writing Practice

    During my IELTS or TOEFL practice sessions on Skype, speaking and writing are the two parts of the exam that are  most efficiently practiced online.  As with all of my sessions, the student decides our path and  what they want to focus on.  For example, some may only want to focus on IELTS speaking part 2, while others want to focus on improving their writing and then fill the remaining time with speaking practice.  Each student is different, so I make sure that they are getting exactly what they need.  

  • Effectively prepare by simulating the exam

    During our sessions, we will use actual exam questions and practice with the according time limits from the exam.  This is a major part of taking the exams, if you are not ready to do things with the time limit, you are probably not going to get the score you need.

  • Get 100% attention in your own space

    Time after time I hear about students taking Exam Prep courses at local language schools and feeling cheated that they didn’t get enough time to actually practice or the attention they needed from the teacher.

FAQ about Exam Preparation Sessions

Do we only do mock exam questions?

This is up to you!  I always suggest that we mix in general English, but some students want to only do exam style questions.  I am flexible!

I want to only focus on one part of the exam...

That is no problem.  I have worked with students who only want to focus on Part 2 speaking from the IELTS exam. Others may only want to focus on writing.  This is all up to you!

How do we practice writing?

I will give you an essay topic for you to write on your own time.  We will then review it using Google Docs- shared screen together (if you can not access Google, we can work around that).

What accent do you have?

I have an American accent, but not one of those squeaky annoying ones. I’d categorise it as . If you want to hear my accent watch my introduction youtube video!

When will I start seeing results?

I get asked this question all the time. Some of my students get an instant confidence boost after the first lesson which can make a very big difference in their ability to speak English in public. Others though, need more time. At the end of the day, it depends 100% on you. If you put the effort to practice reading, writing, and speaking even when we’re not on the call, you’ll get better results. Practice makes perfect.

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