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Benefits of Conversational English Lessons

  • Improve your confidence in any situation

    Have you ever been in a situation where you had to speak English, knew what to say in your mind, but opened your mouth and nothing came out?  This is very common for anyone trying to improve a foreign language.

  • Confused about something in English? Just ask!

    You might hear something on a movie, or in a daily situation – that confuses you. “What did he just say??” Sometimes looking things up on the internet is not enough.  Having a professional English teacher in your Skype contacts can come in handy.

  • Work on perfecting your accent and get comfortable hearing yourself speak

    Conversational English lessons are great for getting more acquainted with your own voice. It might sound silly, but non-native English speakers need to hear themselves more. It’s not enough to think in English in your head. You have to speak it. There’s a neurological effect that happens when you hear yourself that makes learning easier.

  • Feel comfortable learning in your own home

    You’ll be able to have your lessons within the privacy of your own home (or car! Some students have lessons with me from Starbucks even!)  Speaking a foreign language can make people feel embarrassed and shy.  Once you chat with me, you will immediately feel comfortable and ‘safe’ to make mistakes and practice without worrying about what others are thinking.

We can have conversations about anything and everything

After over 9,000 hours of lessons I’ve noticed that the best results come when the student is conversing about something that interests them.

My style is very open and we discuss what interests you at that time.  I always have a topic planned before the start of the session, but I am open to go with the flow, as ‘real life’ conversation does.

We may start by speaking about your working day and end our time talking about UFOs.

You never know where natural conversation will lead you!

Basic themes to start off with:

  • Your day
    • Work
    • Family
    • Social life
  • Current Events
  • Cultural Things

FAQ about my conversational English lessons

Do we really just talk about anything?

Yes! Talking in a natural environment without pressure of going through a specific worksheet is the best way to learn! You can’t learn to ride a bike by studying about it. You just have to get on it and start riding. It’s the same with English.

What accent do you have?

I have an American accent.  If you want to hear my accent watch my introduction youtube video!

When will I start seeing results?

I get asked this question all the time. Some of my students get an instant confidence boost after the first lesson which can make a very big difference in their ability to speak English in public. Others though, need more time. At the end of the day, it depends 100% on you. If you put the effort to practice reading, writing, and speaking even when we’re not on the call, you’ll get better results. Practice makes perfect.

Can you help me improve my accent?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, I can totally point out any obvious intonation changes that you can improve on. But no, this cannot be the sole focus of the lessons. If you’re looking for a specialist in accents, there is an entire field of professionals that specialise in this sector. Focus of my lessons is to give you a chance to practice your English so you can build your confidence. And if we stop every minute to discuss an accent, it will break the flow.

Stop stressing out every time you have to speak English

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