More on Remembering New Vocabulary

One of the biggest problems many language learners  have is remembering and retaining new vocabulary. Students often talk to me about keeping notebooks and lists of new vocabulary they come across and yet  finding it very difficult to remember or to use these new words or expressions. If this is a problem you’re having then this link may be very helpful for you. As always, with language acquisition, the more you can personalise it, make it relevant to you, the more you can relate things to your life and your interests the easier it will be to remember and to use them.  http://www.strategiesinlanguagelearning.com/improve-your-language-learning/

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  1. Venicio Sales
    Venicio Sales says:

    I need to learn more that thing. I usually learn new voabulary, but there are some words that I dont almost use and are those that I forget. So I need this help for that thing. Thanks! Ah the link is broken and I couldn’t be able to access that.


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