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More on Remembering New Vocabulary

One of the biggest problems many language learners  have is remembering and retaining new vocabulary. Students often talk to me about keeping notebooks and lists of new vocabulary they come across and yet  finding it very difficult to remember or to use these new words or expressions. If this is a problem you’re having then […]

Remembering New Vocabulary

Here is a really excellent blog on language acquisition. This post makes some very useful suggestions about how to remember new vocabulary…..it’s all about context!!!! Have a look at this: http://www.lingholic.com/how-to-remember-words-when-learning-a-language/ writing paper

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Frequently Confused Words #2 Make or Do?

Another difficult area, for many non native speakers, is working out when to use make or do. The problem is that they have very similar meanings, but they do have very different uses. Do is used when we are talking about general and daily activities and when no physical object is produced. What are you doing? I’m doing the […]

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Frequently Confused Words #1 Tell and Say

For my first post I want to try to help you to understand when and how to use tell and say . This is often a big problem for many English learners. So, when to use tell? Tell is used for instructions and information and we usually say who is told (a personal object) as in this example:  I told Peter to […]