Pip | English Teacher from London, England | SkypEnglish4U

Would you like to practice your English with a native English speaker in a fun way?

My name is Pip, I’m from England and I live in London. I began teaching English in 2016, and over the years have taught English-learners of all abilities from all over the world; including China, Japan, Korea, Russia, S America, Italy, Spain, Germany, Syria, Afghanistan, Denmark, Poland, UAE, France… the list goes on!

My lessons are friendly and informal and I hope are a fun, crash-course into the latest news in the UK – from Brexit to railway strikes! We will speak about the latest news from the UK, what’s happening in our lives right now, and any particular topics of interest (for example, maybe you have a job interview to prepare for, or a particular project in English that you would like some assistance with.

I would enjoy helping you to improve your English and also teaching you more about UK life.