IELTS speaking practice
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IELTS Practice Sessions on Skype

I have helped many students successfully achieve the score they needed on the IELTS (International English…
improve English online
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"I Want To Improve My English"

"I want to improve my English" is something I have heard thousands of times since I started teaching…
English on Skype

What are the Differences: Speaking with a Professional Teacher on Skype, Language Exchange and Language Partners

Active Practice.  I am always talking about active practice and actively speaking and using English.…
italki instant tutoring
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italki Instant Tutoring

Do you want to practice your English (or any other language) NOW? Click here > Sign up to italki and…
Kids Learn English

3 Effective Ways to Help Your Kids Learn English

Are your children learning English?  If so, that is great!  Kids can learn a language so much easier…
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5 Common Mistakes with Prepositions

Prepositions (for example: on, at, in, to, for, and since) are one OF the most difficult things TO learn…
English on Snapchat
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Practice English on Snapchat

Practice English on Snapchat by chatting back and forth with me in English Take advantage of social…
English on Skype

Learning by Doing

There are many ways to learn a language. You can read – a grammar book, a book for fun, a blog, or…

Online English Speaking Practice for Your Vacation

If you’ve been meeting with family or friends to decide where your next vacation destination will be,…