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100% Personal Attention

Taking private lessons on Skype is an excellent way to improve your English due to the full attention you are getting from the instructor. This is what makes learning this way special- 100%, one-on-one lessons designed for you based on your needs!

Native English Speaker

Talking with an American native speaker will help you to improve your pronunciation. During lessons slang and commonly used phrases are discussed. The teacher will also give you some options of words/phrases which sound natural to a native speaker.

Convenient & Low Cost

You save time and money by not having to travel to a lesson. Because you are not going to a school, there is no need to pay a middle man, so you will find prices very reasonable.

Fun & Interesting Lessons

Students learn best in a friendly, creative and enjoyable setting. Many tools and methods are used to make lessons fun. Students never have to worry about a dull lesson with SkypEnglish4U. Laughter is encouraged!

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