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Surround Yourself with English

I have been teaching online since 2010 and I have probably said ‘surround yourself with English’ over 1,000 times!  I guess it is my catchphrase You MUST surround yourself with everyday English as much as possible.  The first time that you hear or read a word/idiom/phrase that you don’t know, write it down and look it […]

Cooking with an English recipe

Now that September is well underway, school has begun and so have regular English classes. Today is a cold, wet, rainy day and my student of 9 years old is coming over. I've had to rethink my lesson for the day because we can't go outside so I thought we would make cookies or a […]

Skype: Bringing the world closer

Summer is upon us and people are going on holiday!  What a brilliant way to learn some travel English.  The wonderful thing about skype is that you can learn about other cultures.  I've never met a Russian person.  I recently started lessons with a Russian girl who is so interesting and our lessons are never […]

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Common Phrases

Student: I realize I should learn by heart a set of template common phrases for everyday situations. So I can build my arguments or story around them, use them. Maybe that way to speed my speech flow. Teacher: It is a good idea to be comfortable using common phrases.  I would not recommend just memorizing them.   You […]


Distributed Practice

It takes a long time to learn a language if you only study once a week. With regular practice, even in small amounts, your skills will remain sharp and you will h ave frequent opportunities to improve. I’ve been saying that for years! … just in different words 😉 I found this quote when I […]

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Gustavo – Brazil

  Gustavo, from Brazil, found me on twitter and signed up for lessons to improve his English so that he could get a job in the USA. He is a software developer and is an Android aficionado. We worked together on his CV and interviewing skills and it must have paid off because now he […]

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Other ways to say ‘SAID’

“He doesn’t see us hiding here”, whispered Jose. “I LOVE pizza more than anything in the world”, grinned Ray. Our mother was always scolding us, “Stop teasing your brother!” “I hate school”, complained the little boy. “Stop tickling me”, Jennifer laughed. My father demanded, “Give me those car keys!” Tony asked, “Why do we have […]