Ruth - SkypEnglish4u

Are you interested in improving your conversational skills?
I’m Ruth O’Connor from the United States, originally from Wisconsin, in the North Central area of the USA.  Recently, I have relocated to the State of New Mexico in the South-West of the USA, and live less than an hour from the Mexican Border.
I have spent my working life in professions that are based on good communication.   My former jobs include
  • counseling children and adults
  • teaching job seeking skills and psychology
  • motivational speaking
  • direct sales in the medical community
I enjoy talking to people from all over the world and helping them improve their English abilities—along the line I learn from them also!  I feel this is a wonderful way for anyone to reach their goals of improving their conversational skills.
I charge 12usd for 45min sessions & 15usd for 60min sessions… email me today for details!